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Kuruva Island
Kuruva Islands :
Kuruva Dweep is a 950 acre protected river delta system (collection of small islands) on the Kabini River. The island is uninhabited. Rare species of birds, orchids and herbs are the sovereigns of this beautiful patch of land. Kabani river is one of the main sources of kaveri water and of the three rivers that flows to east in kerala.

Talakaveri :
This is the origin of river Kaveri on the eastern slopes of Brahmagiri peak at 1350 metres altitude, about 8 km by road from Bhagamandala. From Talakaveri, steps lead up to the nearby Brahmagri peak. It is believed that the 7 great sages called the Sapta Maharishis had performed a special yagna here. From the peak, as well as on the drive to Talakaveri, you can enjoy a good view of the misty blue Brahmagiri hills.

Bhagamandala is situated at the confluence of two rivers, the Kaveri and the Kanika. A third river, the Sujyothi is said to join from underground. It is considered sacred as a river confluence (kudala or sangama, in Kannada and Sanskrit). The temple here, built in Kerala style, has smaller shrines dedicated to various gods.

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