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Row Cottages :

We have well designed row cottages designed in the natural village look having all modern entities of comfort. All cottages have a sit out verandas where our guest enjoy the lake view.

Tents :

Under the shadow of the verdant trees lies our eco friendly Wood House. It's a private stay keeping away from rest of the rooms of the resort. One enjoys all the calm pleasant chorus of nature. The Wooden House is furnished with an interesting blend of antique wooden furniture, modern appliances, and an attached bathroom.

Dinning Hall :

At Coorg Guest House we encourage the guests to mix n mingle with each other in order to build a good relationship hence we have an exquisite and spacious dining hall to serve the purpose and give you a feel of home at the midst of the nature. The exotic Coorg cuisine buffet is served in the Dining Hall.

Taste bud ticklers :

One wonderful thing everybody looks forward is Good Food, No one is an exception. Food in the guest house is freshly cooked, mainly Coorg cuisine and simply delectable. Known to foodies all over, the Kadambutta (Rice Dumpling) and pandi curry (pork curry) are typical in Coorg and offer a spicy pork dish along with the snow white dumplings. Few other appetizers are also on the cards. We also serve delicious North Indian and South Indian Dishes upon request and availability.

Row Cottages Boating Coorg Food Sit out in rooms

  •  24 hour Cable Television
  •  Attached bath with hot & cold water
  •  Laundry service
  •  Sit out in all rooms
  •  Private balcony
  •  Fishing and Boating
  •  Therapies
  •  Ayurvedic Oil Massage
  •  Bicycle Trails

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