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Coorg Guest house
Coorg Guest House
PIN - 571217
South India.

Phone :
+91 9901205450, 9448032519
+91 08274246325, 9448126427

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  Coorg Guest House is situated 1 km enroute to Kutta from Srimangala town.

• From Bangalore - 240Kms.
• From Mysore - 120Kms.
• Nearest Hospital, Petrol Pump : Srimangala.

• June to November 17C- 25C
• December to January 17C-22C
• February to May 25C-32C
How to Reach :

To help you plan your trip we present the following option.

Options from Bangalore To Srimangala:
1. If you are traveling by your own car, all you have to do is reach Mysore and then take A Road towards Hunusur and reach Gonikoppal, From GoniKoppal take the Road towards Srimangala, Continue traveling towards Kutta and 1 KM enroute Kutta you will find Coorg Guest house.

2. You can hire a taxi for the to and fro journey, including a night's halt at Coorg Guest House. This will approximately cost around Rs.3, 500/- by ordinary Ambassador Car. For more than a night's halt, the taxi fare will be Rs.1, 250/- extra per day.

3. Another alternative is to take a train ride of 2 - 2 1/2 hours from Bangalore City to Mysore and from there proceed by car/bus to Coorg Guest House.

4. One more economy option is to take a KSRTC bus from Bangalore to Srimangala and take a local transport to Coorg Guest House which is just 1KM from the Bus-stop.
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